Feel Good Friday: A gift, for no other reason than to make you smile

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It’s Friday! We hope you’re feeling good! https://www.instagram.com/p/BS0wF5uj4xx/ Isn’t this photo lovely? Lewis Miller Design, a floral company in New York, goes around the city adding a little creative flair to make people's days. The multicolored assortments are their "labors of love," according to the company's owner, Lewis Paul Miller. This arrangement, among many, [...]

Make sure your teen is safe at prom

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Photo Source: Jessica Phan After countless tests, assignments, papers, and group projects many teens are gearing up to prepare for a long-awaited night that caps twelve years of grade school in dazzling gowns and dapper suits: prom night. Now, prom seems comparable to weddings – exchange the elaborate marriage proposal for an equally extravagant “promposal” [...]

It may be the weather…

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Ah! Spring is finally here – the days are longer, brighter, and more colorful. Have you noticed a seemingly sudden change in your mood? Have your depression symptoms seemed to dissipate even just a little? Do you seem brighter when days are sunnier and the weather’s warmer? It’s possible that you can attribute this to [...]

In Defense of Anxiety

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One in five people in the U.S. report experiencing some level of diagnosable anxiety which makes for a wide margin for the most common mental health issue in America. Healthcare providers very regularly prescribe medications to treat anxiety. The common lore is that this is that this is the “age of anxiety”. However, anxiety has [...]

How to Find a Good Therapist

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So you’re looking for a therapist? You’re already taking a big step – go ahead and pat yourself on the back. No matter if therapy was recommended to you or if you’re vigilant in seeking help, you are on the right track to treating your anxiety, depression, or other mood disorder. It’s important to consider [...]

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

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Here’s the hard truth: sexual assault is heavy. As the survivor, it can feel that you are alone, dehumanized, or in a pit of confusion. As the trusted supporter – whether it be family, friend or significant other – often times you can experience feelings of guilt, helplessness because you can’t take the pain or [...]