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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

The Ross Center specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a psychological treatment that has scientifically demonstrated efficacy for anxiety disorders. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a well established, highly effective, and lasting treatment. It focuses on identifying, understanding, and changing thinking and behavior patterns. Benefits are usually seen in 12 to 16 weeks, depending on the individual. The patient is actively involved in his or her own recovery, has a sense of mastery, and learns skills that are useful throughout life. CBT typically involves reading and becoming educated about the problem, keeping records between appointments, and completing homework assignments in which the treatment procedures are practiced. Patients learn skills during therapy sessions, but they must practice repeatedly to see improvement.

The Ross Center is unique in that therapy sessions will often take place in real life or simulated anxiety producing sessions.  This “in-vivo” therapy may take place in a car, a shopping mall, or in other scenarios which have caused anxiety and which patients have associated with fear and thus learned to avoid.  Patients are taught anxiety reduction skills while gradually being exposed to objects, places or situations that they have been avoiding or enduring with discomfort.

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