Webinar for Parents: 3 Common Sources of School Anxiety

And How to Help Your Child Overcome Them!

Webinar for Parents: 3 Common Sources of School Anxiety
Image of a little girl wearing a backpack and holding her mothers hand.

Intended For

Parents of school age children


October 23rd, 2019. 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Join us for this FREE webinar with Avy Stock, PsyD, Clinical Director of The Ross Center, and Ann Dolin, founder of Educational Connections.

In this special webinar, Dr. Stock and Ann Dolin will discuss the three most common sources of school anxiety—and how you can help your child overcome each of them once and for all!

Register now and discover simple strategies to help your child…

  • Tackle tests with confidence, not fear
  • Break through “the perfectionist’s paralysis”
  • Conquer disorganization and procrastination
  • Manage anxiety over school—and more!



  • Avy Stock , PsyD

    Psychologist, Clinical Director, VA

    Washington, D.C. & Northern Virginia

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