Powering Through: Piloting the Emotional Waves of the Pandemic

1 Hour Recorded Webinar

Powering Through: Piloting the Emotional Waves of the Pandemic
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Webinar Recorded on May 28, 2020

Christina Tripodi Mitchell, Psy.D., NCSP of The Ross Center spoke as a part of The Study Pro lunch’n learn webinar series on challenges parents are experiencing and how to respond during this pandemic.

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Topics include:

Expectation management – Despite all the information available about how to craft routines and schedules to keep everyone on point, things don’t always go as planned. How do we work to manage it all (or cut ourselves a break)?

Screen time usage – It seems to be the universal battle we all fight and the universal guilt we all feel. What is the right amount of “COVID-screens” and how do we control it?

Anxiety over unknown – We are clearly not in the driver’s seat on a lot of what is happening and the road ahead is pretty hazy. How can we feel more in control when so much is out of our control?

Social isolation and loneliness – This is true for all of us, but particularly for our children whose identities are centered around their “social selves”. Will this end and what can we do to create social bonds until it does?

Shifting family dynamics – Let’s face it. We’ve all gotten to know each other a LOT better! How can we leverage what we are each good at to create a more harmonious home?

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