The REACH Program for High School Students

Racial, Ethnic, And Cultural Healing

Racial, Ethnic, And Cultural Healing: The REACH Group for High School Students


Group Via Zoom

Intended For

BIPOC teens (14-18 years)


Wednesdays 5:30pm - 6:45pm or Thursdays 5:30pm - 6:45 pm. 6 Week Sessions

This group is designed for BIPOC teens (14-18 years) who may be experiencing any of the following:

Community Stresses, such as uncertainty of how to respond to or cope with limited access to:

  • fair, equal, or quality education
  • safety within your school or neighborhood environment
  • fair and equal policing within your community
  • activities within your school, workplace, or community that affirm your racial/ethnic identity

Relationship Stresses, such as uncertainty of how to respond to:

  • feeling mistreated by peers or teachers due to your identity
  • feeling as if authority figures (parents, teachers, or others) do not take your experiences of cultural stress seriously when reported
  • conflict with family related to balancing personal independence with honoring/respecting cultural traditions within your family
  • feeling a lack of connection to peers of a similar racial/ethnic identity
  • witnessing someone of a similar identity experiencing mistreatment around you or online

Emotional Distress, such as struggling with:

  • Knowing what you are feeling in response to cultural stress within your home, friendships, school, or workplace
  • Being critical of your emotional responses to cultural stress
  • Feeling your emotions intensely and possibly over a long time
  • Knowing how to cope with emotional reactions to cultural stress

Identity Distress, such as struggling to:

  • Have or maintain pride in your racial/ethnic identity
  • Manage self-doubt or low confidence due to cultural stress within your home, friendships, school, or workplace
  • Manage thoughts of being an imposter or feeling as if you do not belong in your home, friendships, school, or workplace

What can I expect to gain by participating in the REACH High School Group? 

Group participants can expect growth in feeling empowered to achieve personal goals, self-acceptance towards one’s cultural background, and overall emotional healing. Additionally, participants will gain skills in

  • Mindfulness
  • Self-compassion
  • Values and strengths clarification
  • Emotional coping
  • Problem solving
  • Community building
  • Identity exploration


  • LOCATION: Enrollment is rolling, and the group will take place virtually. Participants must be residents of New York, Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia
  • DATE/TIME: Mondays at 4:30p or Tuesdays at 4:30p
  • LENGTH: Group length is 75 min. One group cycle is 6 sessions.
  • FEES and INSURANCE: The Ross Center is an out of network provider, and does not accept insurance. However, many clients are able to submit receipts for out of network services to their insurance company for reimbursement. If you are in need of financial assistance to participate in the REACH program, please let us know. Inquiries about financial assistance or questions about insurance should be sent to Grace Landis at

If you are interested in this group, please complete the questionnaire below. We will contact you to follow-up after receiving your responses. 

REACH Screening Form.  

To learn more about THE REACH PROGRAM at The Ross Center, click HERE.  


  • Ryan DeLapp, PhD

    Psychologist & Director of The REACH Program

    New York, NY, Washington, DC (virtual), and Northern Virginia (virtual)

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