Realistic Pandemic Parenting: Good Enough Parenting

A 1-hour virtual "Ask Me Anything” session

Realistic Pandemic Parenting: Good Enough Parenting
Realistic Pandemic Parenting: Good Enough Parenting

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Monday, February 8th, 2021: 8:15pm - 9:15pm



Although we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, the pandemic continues to upend our lives. Many parents are exhausted by the ongoing uncertainty and stress, and trying to maintain standards that may be unrealistic right now.

Join us in this one hour support group with child psychologist and fellow parent Abigail Romirowsky, PhD, who will discuss how to get through these endless months with advice for parenting and self-care. Dr. Romirowsky will help parents understand why reframing our thinking into being “good enough” parents is helpful not just for us as parents but also for our kids.

The group is designed to address the issues that all parents are struggling with, and to provide you with expert guidance on how to help your children get through this challenging time with greater resilience and strength.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Fears about too much screen time
  • What to do when your child isn’t fully participating in virtual school
  • How to help your kids with lack of predictability
  • How to reframe your parenting goals and develop more realistic expectations for yourself and your child

Join us for a casual conversation amongst other parents struggling with similar issues during this unprecedented time. Dr. Romirowsky will share lessons from her perspective as both an experienced child psychologist and a fellow “doing her best” parent.

Parents will be invited to submit questions for Dr. Romirowsky prior to the program, and will also have the opportunity to pose questions ‘live’ during the session using an interactive chat feature. You can choose to participate with your camera on or off and/or to change your zoom screen name depending on your privacy concerns.  Feel free to “come as you are” to this group, in sweats, multi-tasking, or curled up with a cup of tea.

Space is limited, and this session will not be recorded. One additional Q&A session with Dr. Romirowsky is planned for March 8th at 8:15pm, and similar sessions may be scheduled if there is sufficient demand.  For more information, or to be notified when registration for future sessions is open, please send us an email at

You can also view the webinar recording from our May, 2020 presentation, Realistic Expectations for Pandemic Parenting, where Dr. Romirowsky teaches concrete concepts and strategies that you can integrate into your daily parenting life (during COVID-19 and beyond).


  • Abigail Romirowsky, PhD

    Psychologist and Director of the SPACE Program

    Washington, D.C.

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