How to navigate Zoom meetings and webinars

If you are joining us for a Zoom webinar or meeting, here are some tips for navigating the Zoom platform:


Our upcoming Realistic Pandemic Parenting virtual session on February 8th, will be held as a meeting rather than a webinar.

To join the meeting, just click the link in your Eventbrite confirmation email, no other authentication should be required. Everyone will join the meeting with their video off and their sound muted. You can change this at any time.

How do I turn my sound on and off?

You will be prompted to join the audio automatically. If this prompt does not appear or you close out of it, click “Join Audio” in the meeting controls.

To unmute yourself and begin talking, click the “Unmute” button (microphone) in the bottom-left corner of the meeting window. To mute yourself, click the “Mute” button (microphone). A red slash will appear over the microphone icon indicating that your audio is now off.

How do I turn my video on and off?

To disable the video camera on a Zoom meeting use the “Stop Video” camera icon in the control bar, or right-click in the meeting window and choose “Stop Video” from the menu.

How do I change my name on Zoom?

When you join a Zoom meeting, you will see a box with your name in it. You can change this name before joining if you prefer to remain anonymous.

How can I ask a question?

Type your question in the chat thread either privately to the host, or to everyone.

How do I change my video layout?

There are 3 video layouts when no one in the meeting is screen sharing: Active Speaker View, Gallery View, and floating thumbnail window. To switch your view, click the “View” button in the upper-left corner of the Zoom window. If you do not see the controls, tap your screen to get them to appear.



Suicide, Access to Guns, & Extreme Risk Protection Orders: What Providers and Families Need to Know. June 24, 12-1pm. 1 CE credit.
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