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Relaxation Exercises

Beth Salcedo, MD has created a CD entitled Progressive Muscle Relaxation: 20 Minutes to Total Relaxation.  You can find individual exercises or the whole CD at Amazon or on iTunes.


Beth Salcedo, MD presents an ADAA webinar entitled Depression: What You Need to Know About Medications.

Virginia Runko, PhD, CBSM presents an ADAA educational webinar entitled Overcoming Insomnia.

(Please note:  you may need to download the program Adobe Connect in order to view the webinar.)


Recommended Reading

Do What You Are by Paul Tieger and Barbara Baron-Tieger. This career classic is based on the Myers-Brigges Type Indicator (MBTI). If you don’t know your MBTI type, this book will help you identify it. It provides excellent overviews and suggestions for each of the 16 types.

Is it Too Late to Run Away and Join the Circus? by Marti Smye. A practical guide to career change from a corporate management consultant.

Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want by Barbara Sher with Annie Gottlieb. A book about developing strategies to turn career fantasies into realities.

I Could Do Anything, If Only I Knew What it Was by Barbara Sher with Annie Gottlieb. A step-by-step guide to identifying potential careers and working through the inevitable obstacles.

Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep by Colleen Carney and Rachel Manber

The Insomnia Answer by Paul Glovinsky

Say Goodnight to Insomnia by Gregg Jacobs

Suicide: The Forever Decision by Paul Quinnett, Ph.D.



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