Compassionate Psychiatrists Providing the Safest Medications

The Ross Center psychiatrists prescribe medication when appropriate, seeking out the safest, most effective medications with the fewest side effects.  We take the time to educate you on your medication options, whether used alone or in combination with psychotherapy. With sensitivity and compassion, our psychiatrists will  guide you through the process of starting medication, achieving stabilization and maintenance, and in many cases to transitioning off medication.

We are fortunate to have nationally and internationally known child, adolescent, adult and forensic psychiatrists on our staff. Our team of distinguished, board-certified psychiatrists provide the highest quality mental health assessment, treatment planning, and medication management. They participate in continuing education and keep abreast of all the latest research to maintain their knowledge of state of the art treatments to best serve you.

A Team of Experts Committed to Your Mental Health

Psychiatrists work hand in hand with the therapists at The Ross Center, collaborating to provide comprehensive evaluations and tailored treatment plans. Patients find it valuable to have their therapist and psychiatrist in the same office; not only is it more convenient but outcomes are often improved and progress achieved more quickly.

You have the option of seeing a psychiatrist at your first appointment or at any time throughout your treatment. If you need both therapy and medication, and you are certain of this prior to coming to us, we encourage you to schedule your initial appointment with one of our psychiatrists. Our psychiatrists are all experienced psychopharmacologists, many of whom also provide psychotherapy. Patients are often hesitant to consider medication, and a consultation with a psychiatrist will give you the information you need to make an informed decision that meets your personal goals.

Suicide, Access to Guns, & Extreme Risk Protection Orders: What Providers and Families Need to Know. June 24, 12-1pm. 1 CE credit.
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