Zahra Basseda, MD

( she/her/hers )



New York, NY

Ages Treated


Practice Philosophy:

Dr. Basseda is a board-certified adult psychiatrist with a patient-centered approach to mental health care, rooted in her commitment to making her patients feel valued and cared for. Instead of solely focusing on symptoms, Dr. Basseda takes the time to listen to her patients’ life stories, seeking to understand their unique life experiences and the factors that have led them to seek treatment. Using an evidence based, realistic approach to care, she discusses treatment and medication options so that patients are making fully informed decisions and feel in control of their health. She will honestly explain expectations and potential timelines, so patients don’t feel discouraged and have realistic expectations and hope for treatment. Dr. Basseda recognizes the importance of lifestyle factors in mental wellness, and emphasizes the role of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes in improving overall mental health and mitigating the potential side effects of medications. While she delivers supportive psychotherapy in sessions, Dr. Basseda encourages her patients to work with a therapist to address their specific challenges. She collaborates with therapists and other healthcare professionals to optimize patient care.

Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Basseda specializes in treating adults with a wide range of mental health conditions including depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, stress-related disorders, and psychotic disorders. She combines pharmacotherapy with supportive therapeutic approaches and offers mindfulness exercises and lifestyle suggestions. Dr. Basseda is sensitive to immigrant populations and the pressures, stigmas, and expectations that can get in the way of receiving mental health care, and works to integrate families and normalize mental health experiences to help patients get the care they need. Dedicated and empathetic, she is committed to addressing the diverse needs of her patients and tailoring treatment plans to help them achieve better mental health and overall well-being.

Experience and Training:

Dr. Basseda completed her residency in Adult Psychiatry at Rutgers University and received her Medical Degree from Tehran University of Medical Sciences. She served as a postdoctoral fellow at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and as a research assistant at New York State Psychiatric Institute and at Dartmouth College, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, where she focused on neuroscience, clinical research, and epidemiology. She also practices psychiatry at the adult partial hospital clinic at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care. She has experience in a broad range of services in psychiatry, working in both outpatient and hospital settings. Dr. Basseda is a member of the American Psychiatric Association.

Fluent in Farsi.

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