Judy Barth , RN

( she/her/hers )

Registered Nurse and Coach


Washington, D.C.

Ages Treated

Ages 18 and Up

Judy Barth, RN, is a registered nurse who coaches patients through the management of phobias. She has been treating specific phobias at The Ross Center for over 30 years, and worked side-by-side with Jerilyn Ross, the founder of the Ross Center, at the clinic’s inception.

Ms. Barth’s area of expertise is working with patients in real-life situations to provide cognitive behavioral therapy for flying, driving, and needle phobias, among others. She uses therapeutic techniques that gradually and effectively help patients to minimize their fears when interacting with needles, animals, insects, blood, and other situational phobias. She also works with patients who suffer from panic attacks. Patients experience tremendous relief when they learn to live more fully, and gain tools and techniques to address their anxieties.

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