Laurie Dos Santos , PsyD

( she/her/hers )

Psychologist, Director of Community Outreach


Washington, D.C. & Northern Virginia

Ages Treated

Ages 9 - 30

Practice Philosophy:

Dr. Dos Santos (formerly known as Dr. Stern) is a licensed clinical psychologist who works primarily with older children, adolescents, and young adults. Patients find her to be warm, engaging and compassionate, and through customized treatment they gain a practical set of skills to manage the challenges in their own lives. Treatment with Dr. Dos Santos is personalized and goal-oriented, and she focuses on an individual’s strengths to develop solutions that facilitate positive change. With a calm, easygoing demeanor she has the unique ability to connect with young people, particularly adolescents with complex issues. She offers guidance and support to those who struggle with anxiety, mood disorders, and behavioral disorders, using proven therapies that positively impact thought patterns and behaviors.

Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Dos Santos is well known for her expertise with adolescents and young adults, and specializes in treating anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD and behavioral challenges. For young adults and those transitioning to college, Dr. Dos Santos provides strategies and techniques that lead to increased autonomy and independence as well as improved interpersonal relationships, particularly with family. With children and adolescents, she often involves parents in treatment so they can learn methods to best support their child. In addition, she addresses sleep and separation anxiety issues in children and provides empathetic therapy and valuable coping skills to teens who have chronic medical conditions, such as POTS. As a Cognitive Behavior Therapist (CBT), Dr. Dos Santos collaborates with clients as she helps them gain insight into their own thoughts and behaviors, teaching them new skills and encouraging them to practice on their own to achieve success. She is also trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and serves on The Ross Center’s DBT team.

Experience and Training:

Dr. Dos Santos received her Masters and Doctorate degrees at the University of Hartford, completing the child and adolescent proficiency track. In her clinical experience she has delivered therapy in various settings including residential treatment centers, schools, inpatient, outpatient and partial hospital programs, community mental health and private practice. Over the last decade, she has worked with adolescents in juvenile justice and residential treatment providing clinical leadership, court-ordered psychological evaluations, crisis intervention and individual, group and family therapy. At The Ross Center, Dr. Dos Santos provides forensic services through violence (risk) assessments and juvenile criminal evaluations. Additionally, Dr. Dos Santos develops community education and programming for The Ross Center, enhancing community relationships and increasing awareness of mental health issues.

Dr. Dos Santos has completed continuing education requirements that meet the initiatives of The Ross Center’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force.

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