2 CE Webinar: Ketamine – History and Considerations for Clinicians.
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2 CE Webinar: Ketamine – History and Considerations for Clinicians. 6/28 – 12 – 2pm


Podcast – Social Media and Video Gaming: What should parents be concerned about and what can they do?



On-Demand Webinar

Intended for:

Parents of children and teens

Date / Time:

Recorded Podcast – 1 Hour

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST INTERVIEW between Dr. Ryan DeLapp and Dr. Andreas Miles-Novelo

Important Takeaways:

    • It’s not just kids we should be concerned about
    • Parents can support their children in developing intentional and conscientious media use
    • Parents can try to take a collaborative approach to minimizing the adverse effects of media on the family as a whole
    • Parents should ‘stay plugged’ in to the media their children are consuming
    • And, remember social media and video game use is a complex problem

Read more about social media and video game use in children and teens in this blog post written by Dr. DeLapp.

Podcast Timeline:

  • Why is it so hard for parents to be the primary gatekeepers or monitors of social media use in their children? (4:40)
  • What can parents do to promote healthy social media use? (13:15)
  • How can parents encourage kids to monitor the effects that social media is having on them? (17:20)
  • How do the effects of playing video games compare to the effects of social media use, and how might kids be more intentional and conscientious of their video game use? (21:30)
  • What makes video gaming so engaging for kids and why is it so hard for them to set limits on how much they play? (26:30)
  • Why is it important for parents to approach their child’s social media and video game use with empathy and curiosity? (31:30)
  • What are some of the adverse effects of video gaming in kids? (36:30)
  • How can parents encourage kids to monitor the effects that video games are having on them? (41:15)
  • What are some recommended readings if parents want to learn more about the effects of digital media use? (46:45)


Ryan DeLapp, PhD, is a clinical psychologist here at The Ross Center, and the founder of the REACH Program: Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Healing. Read more about Dr. DeLapp HERE.

Ryan DeLapp
Dr. Ryan DeLapp

Andreas Miles-Novelo, PhD is a faculty in the Media Psychology program at Fielding Graduate University. His research focuses broadly on the external impacts on human behavior, including emerging technologies, media, and climate change. He graduated with his PhD in Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction from Iowa State University. To follow Dr. Miles-Novelo’s work, follow him on twitter @AMilesNovello.



Psychologist & Director of The REACH Program
New York, NY, Washington, DC (virtual), and Northern Virginia (virtual)

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