The Gold Standard for Treating Anxiety and other Psychological Difficulties

Cognitive behavior therapy focuses on identifying, understanding, and changing your thought and behavior patterns. You can often begin seeing substantial results in as little as three to four months of treatment. Your therapist will teach you valuable skills that you can use throughout your life.

CBT is an active process that includes homework assignments and practice sessions. Within a short period of time you will gain a greater sense of confidence and self-control. You’ll learn skills during therapy sessions, and they must be practiced repeatedly to see improvement. Anxiety symptoms are minimized, and you’ll find yourself approaching situations in a new, more effective manner.

Therapy sessions will often take place in real life or simulated anxiety-producing sessions.

Using CBT, you will gradually be exposed to objects, places or situations that you may have been avoiding or enduring with discomfort. This type of exposure therapy may take place in a car, an airplane, a shopping mall, or in other scenarios which have caused you anxiety. You’ll learn to endure discomfort, and develop the ability to think about things in a more helpful way.

The Ross Center clinicians have many years of experience in utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy to treat anxiety and other disorders. You’ll find relief from your symptoms, and break free from thought patterns and behaviors that have impacted your ability to live the life you want.

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