Teens & Young Adults

Anxiety and Mood Disorders are increasingly common during the vulnerable teen and early adult years.

Professional Support for Navigating Difficult Years

The Ross Center psychiatrists and therapists utilize a wide variety of proven therapeutic techniques to help young people overcome their anxiety and improve how they manage their thoughts, moods, and behaviors. We employ a specialized group of clinicians who relate well to teens and young adults, developing trusting relationships that encourage results. These years are filled with social pressure, new relationships, highly competitive peer groups, major decisions, and unrealistic expectations, during which anxiety and mood disorders are often displayed.

We Can Help

There is strong scientific evidence suggesting that treating young people with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and/or certain medications can reduce the likelihood of lifelong struggles with mental health. We teach coping mechanisms and skills that can help reduce anxiety and afford relief, teaching young people to thrive and empowering them with skills to better manage daily life. Treatment can be valuable for “emerging adults” who are struggling and need extra support in developing the skills of independence and effective decision-making. The Ross Center provides this guidance, helping teens and young adults gain self-control and confidence to live a full and productive life.

Parental Support

Older children and young adults typically work independently with a clinician, however parents can be an important part of treatment. Clinicians will provide guidance and support to parents and family members by recommending strategies that will be most helpful to their loved one. This can help to reinforce the treatment and provide a psychoeducational perspective so you can better understand what your child is experiencing.

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