You don’t need to suffer any longer.

The Ross Center was created over 30 years ago to provide state of the art mental health treatment to those disabled primarily by anxiety. However, we now know that anxiety often appears with a host of other mental health conditions, from depression, to ADHD, to PTSD. Thus many years ago we expanded our practice from focusing specifically on anxiety disorder treatment to the breadth of mental health challenges that many of us suffer from.

Treating a Full Spectrum of Mental Health Disorders

In the process, we’ve built a large team of world-renowned board certified psychiatrists and therapists with expertise in a wide variety of mental health disorders. In our full-service treatment center, we offer psychological testing, diagnosis, psychotherapy, and medication management all in one place, delivered by a team of specialists who work closely together to provide the best care possible so you (or your child) can live a life free from suffering.

Evidence-based Treatment

At the Ross Center, you’ll receive the latest scientifically based treatments tailored for your symptoms and your life. Our multidisciplinary, experienced specialists also treat mood disorders, insomnia, and diverse childhood and adolescent disorders. Whether you’ve been frustrated by ineffective treatment in the past, or are seeking help for the very first time, we’ll make sure you are matched with a clinician who has the experience and expertise to solve your problems.

CBT for Insomnia: Valuable strategies for therapists to use with clients: 3 CEs. 3/24/23
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