Webinar: Psychological Approaches to Creating Healthy Media Habits. 5/24 – 1 – 4 pm. 3CE. Register Now!

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Webinar: Psychological Approaches to Creating Healthy Media Habits. 5/24 – 1 – 4 pm. 3 CE. Register Now!

Stress & Anxiety With Life Transitions

Periods of transition and life stressors often precipitate or intensify symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Manage transitions with less stress

Change is Inevitable

Change is hard for everyone, but the stress of change for some can be enough to precipitate symptoms such as anxiety, stress, or depression. It is often the case that mental illness first shows itself around major changes in life. These are typically related to new beginnings during childhood such as starting kindergarten, moving to middle school, or the increased workload and social demands of high school.

For young adults, the move out of one’s family home and into a college environment can be a trying time, and college students are particularly vulnerable as a result. As adults, transitions include job change, relocation, marriage and divorce, the loss of close friends and family, aging, and retirement. It is important to pay attention to how one is managing these major life stressors and reach out for help if needed.

At the Ross Center, we utilize therapeutic approaches to stress, anxiety, and times of transition that can help with decision-making, planning and distress tolerance.

Many of our therapists specialize in particular life phases, such as transitioning to college, career development, relationship and divorce, identity issues, grief and loss, or parenting challenges. Clinicians offer supportive guidance for positive change, empowering you with the tools to recognize and reframe ineffective thought patterns and behaviors. You’ll benefit from a relationship with an empathetic professional who will help you to manage relationships and transitions with less stress and more confidence.

We Can Help

For over 30 years, The Ross Center has been providing effective, long-lasting solutions that allow children and adults to live their best lives.

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