Treatment for Adults

Sophisticated psychological and psychiatric treatment for adults provides relief from suffering.

Responsive Treatment that Works

Adults come to The Ross Center with a wide range of mental health concerns. We are able to customize a treatment plan for you whether you need a short-term course of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), medication for a mood disorder, or intensive treatment for a disorder that’s impacted your ability to live your life. You’ll work with one of our world-renowned psychiatrists or psychologists (and sometimes both), who will custom-tailor a treatment plan using evidence-based techniques that will help you to feel better. Fortunately, treatment for anxiety and depression has been shown to respond to short term treatment methods such as CBT, so you should be able to start seeing improvements in a short period of time. If medication is indicated, your psychiatrist will carefully explain all aspects of medication and determine whether it should be used alone or in combination with psychotherapy.

We Can Help

You can successfully overcome your symptoms with the compassionate guidance and expertise of our dedicated psychiatrists and therapists, who bring both outstanding clinical and interpersonal skills to your treatment. Many patients come to us after seeing other practitioners, and are amazed at the progress they can make with the treatment approach of The Ross Center clinicians.

Family Support

It is often helpful to have close friends or family members involved in the evaluation and/or treatment process. This depends on your individual circumstances and personal desires. Spouses and family members can benefit from a greater understanding of what you’re experiencing, and clinicians can provide guidance and strategies for how they can best support you in your treatment. A collaborative approach puts everyone on the same page and can improve the speed and success of treatment.

Groups for Adults:

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