Image of a man wearing a mask while walking his dog outside.Phobias are Highly Responsive to Treatment

A specific phobia is a strong, irrational fear reaction to common places, situations, or objects. People with specific phobias usually are aware that the fear is excessive or unreasonable, and that it doesn’t make sense. However, the feeling is often so strong that they work hard to avoid coming into contact with the feared object, as the feeling can be terrifying for them. If you have a strong fearful reaction and have been avoiding things such as driving, animals, or flying, you have a phobia that can be treated.

There are many people who suffer from phobias.

Common phobias include:
  • animals
  • insects
  • heights
  • water
  • closed-in spaces
  • air travel
  • bridges
  • highway driving
  • medical procedures

We can help you overcome your phobia.

We have years of experience helping people learn to stop avoiding situations they fear. Our clinicians will gradually and sensitively expose you to the things you fear, so you can learn to tolerate distress and overcome your anxiety.

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