Gradual Exposure to Your Fears

The Ross Center therapists provide exposure therapy as part of our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment program. When you are fearful, your natural instinct is to avoid the feared objects, situations, or activities you fear most. Although this helps to reduce anxiety in the short term, over time your fear will actually increase – making the anxiety even worse.

Exposure therapy is a process that gradually exposes you to what you fear, allowing you to become more comfortable and less anxious. You’ll gain a greater sense of self control and at the same time have a chance to emotionally process the fear in a new way.  Exposure therapy is extremely effective for many types of anxiety and phobias.

Support in Real Life Situations

Our therapists work with you to create a safe environment before beginning to “expose” you to the feared object. We do this by allowing you to face your fear in real life situations in a safe and comfortable way. Your therapist will accompany you in situations where you feel the most fear, and challenge you with exposures that progress from fairly easy to more difficult.

We are creative in how we customize our exposures and are able to give each patient an individualized treatment plan which is successful in alleviating their anxiety. For example, we can fly with you if you have a fear of flying, drive with you on highways or bridges, ride in elevators if you’re claustrophobic, or ride on a ferris wheel if you have a fear of heights. Ultimately, you will be able to participate in situations that you had previously feared with a new sense of confidence that impacts your entire being.

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