Enhanced Relationships and Family Dynamics

Family and couples therapy at The Ross Center is designed to address specific issues affecting the health and functioning of the family. We work with you to identify patterns or systems of interaction that are causing conflict, and seek to make adjustments to improve family functioning.

Therapy is focused on the family system, and it includes those members of the family who play a long term supportive role for one another. We sometimes recommend family or couples therapy to be used in conjunction with other treatments to help a family member suffering with a mental illness, since it can be difficult to know how to interact when a loved one suffers from anxiety and depression. Family therapy can help the entire family understand the anxiety and teach new, more helpful methods of interaction.

Relationship Counseling Helps You Navigate Problems

At the Ross Center, our experienced psychologists provide couples and family treatment that results in improved relationships, by offering techniques and strategies that can have a positive impact on communication and behavior.

For couples, we help you regain trust and commitment through a process of identifying patterns and behaviors that are detrimental to your relationship. You will learn to identify the habits and thought patterns that are causing conflict and work together to develop more effective methods of behavior.

In families, we work within your current situation and help you identify the roles and actions for each person in the family. This education and identification helps everyone to change patterns and ways of responding and allows people to work together to develop more positive ways of interacting.

Suicide, Access to Guns, & Extreme Risk Protection Orders: What Providers and Families Need to Know. June 24, 12-1pm. 1 CE credit.
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