Emotional & Behavioral Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment

You don't need to struggle alone with your child's emotional and behavioral troubles.

Chronic Difficulties Call for Individualized Treatment

Emotional and behavioral disorders are broad terms that encompass a wide range of mental health problems that are common in children and adolescents. While it is natural for young people to go through periods of anxiety, sadness, and some acting out behaviors, chronic patterns of these types of behaviors can have a negative impact on your child’s own functioning, on your child’s long term development trajectory, and on the entire family.

Psychologists and psychiatrists at The Ross Center are well versed in various treatment approaches to academic, social, and family functioning.

Typical issues that our providers treat include:
  • anxiety related to school
  • selective mutism
  • executive functioning problems
  • social skills deficits
  • behavioral problems
  • emotional and behavioral dysregulation

We Can Help

At the Ross Center, our therapists and psychiatrists work with children, teens, parents, and other adults in their lives in order to promote healthier functioning in the areas that are most important to a young person, including school, home, and with friends. We develop an evidence-based treatment plan that is individualized specifically for your child and your family.

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