We recognize the importance of including parents in a successful treatment plan.

Parenting a Child Who Struggles with Anxiety and Depression can be Challenging

It is hard to watch your child struggle, and sometimes it is hard to know how best to help. Parent coaching and support is a vital part of treatment for all children. Your child’s clinician will teach you tools and strategies that are consistent with the therapies we are using to help your child. In addition, you’ll be provided with recommendations on how best to respond to your child and methods to minimize your own stress.

At times, parents may require individual therapy sessions without your child present, to request guidance and vent frustrations. Parents can meet for a one-time consultation, a few sessions, or on a weekly basis. We also provide coaching to individuals whose child is opposed to therapy, offering valuable guidance and support for effective parenting. In addition, we frequently offer group parenting classes where you can benefit from a supportive environment with fellow concerned parents.

Parents are an Integral Part of Treatment at The Ross Center

We’ll teach you the skills to more effectively manage your child’s emotional and behavioral challenges. A parent’s first reaction to a child with anxiety can often inadvertently make that anxiety worse, and we’ll provide you with proven strategies and suggestions for more effective responses. You will gain confidence in your own parenting skills and see the positive impact on your child’s moods and behavior.