Barbra Waldfogel , LCSW

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New York, N.Y.

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Practice Philosophy:

Barbra Waldfogel is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose approach to mental health is psychoeducational, change-oriented and generally, time limited. Her mission, as she sees, it is to collaboratively develop tools with clients that they can effectively use to satisfy their yearning for competence, belonging, perspective and coherence. At intake, patients often evaluate their situations with comments like: “I’ve always been like this”, “I’ve tried everything and nothing works”, “I have no confidence”, “I feel like I am and have less than everyone else”, “there must be something wrong with me but if I could just get rid of the anxiety, I’d be fine!” Our minds are wired to protect us with a “negativity bias”, and seem to suggest that taking a new road will lead to doom and gloom. So, many of us tend to stay on auto-pilot towards pain reduction and avoidance of risk. And that is not helpful.

Beginning therapy requires us to go down a different road, and to accept the uncertainty of that. It takes courage to seek professional help. We want to live meaningful, fulfilling, vital lives yet we tend to avoid risks and that keeps us in the status quo. That’s where Barbra comes in. She develops collaborative relationships using warmth and authenticity, offering effective therapy that leads to progress and success. As someone who has personally experienced the joy and pain of family life, Barbra knows all too well the struggles of New Yorkers at work, at play, in love, in loss and in grief. Clients find her to be relatable, non-judgmental and at appropriate times, humorous.  Occasionally she needs to use two sound machines in her office because of the laughter and the tears.  With proven behavioral strategies, her clients learn to effectively unhook from their repetitive thoughts and unhelpful patterns and to pivot into the direction of who they want to be.

Areas of Expertise:

Barbra specializes in individual treatment for older teens and adults impacted by anxiety, mood disorders, relationship conflicts, and life transitions, including divorce, grief and geriatric issues. She also has expertise in visual impairment, compulsions including trichotillomania, trauma from assault and abuse, and fertility concerns. She uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, otherwise known as ACT, an evidence-based model of treatment. ACT is by definition a short-term psychotherapy averaging about 6 months in duration. This approach to behavioral change is founded on a sea of scientific research with people of diverse cultures, religions, sexual identities, and races. Barbra knows that clients seek treatment because they are in pain and don’t want their suffering to stop them, and she is passionate about helping all her clients reach their goals and embrace the full human experience.

Experience and Training:

Barbra Waldfogel has nearly 35 years of clinical and administrative experience including private practice, community mental health, residential treatment for adolescents and school social work. She received her MSW from the University of Illinois and did two years of post- graduate training in clinical social work at the University of Chicago. She is a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science and is philanthropically involved with multiple foundations especially the Foundation Fighting Blindness, Columbia University’s Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute and the Dysautonomia Foundation. She stays up to date on the latest treatment methodology through continuing education and monthly peer supervision so that her patients benefit from state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment.

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